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Driving Efficient
Data Operations

We help optimize your data management operations, taking cost out of continuous innovation programs, supporting your teams to deliver projects faster.


We identify and understand your business imperatives & deliver the software that best achieve them.


We provide specialist resourcing for new & existing projects to deliver services and augment your teams.

Managed Services

Our managed service team caters to clients seeking a shrink-wrapped solution for daily data and database operations.


Our iconic team of support experts is at your disposal 24/7, providing support for databases, data platforms and systems.

Get Rapid ROI from your Data Platform Investments

With Data Services & Solutions


Integrate applications, automate processes, and connect the data that drives your business.


Automate the secure delivery of data, drive compliance and improve your data risk posture.


Unlock the power of modern cloud analytics platforms to accelerate your business insights.


Optimise your integrated business planning and perform real-time ‘What-If’ impact analyses.

Working with our Partners

Delphix Data Platform


"We successfully work alongside the team at Delphix and share many great customer successes together. Being a trusted Delphix Enterprise Partner and Distributor means we get their full support out in the field."

Agile, DevOps CI/CD 

Modernization to Mulicloud

Zero Trust for Data 

Liquibase Database CI/CD


"The guys at Liquibase have been involved in DevOps automation for a very long time. This experience combined with everyone's rich technical domain knowledge, make them a breeze to work with when implementing database automation."

Database CI/CD

Database DevSecOps

Database Risk Compliance

Immuta Secure Cloud Data Access


"Immuta makes it easy to add attribute based access control to cloud analytics platforms. As we start rolling out data security solutions for modern analytic clouds, we are comfortable that the Immuta team will keep driving innovation for our customers."

Data Privacy & Risk Posture

Data Security & Access

Data Regulations & Sharing



"We go back with SAP for many years now, and decided to expand our current teams' capabilities with a specific focus on SAP BTP. We offer various JumpStart packages for customers to explore SAP BTP capabilities, but more so, full project implementation and augmentation."

SAP Integration Suite

SAP Data Services

SAP Analytics Cloud

IBM Data Management

IBM InfoSphere

"Our IBM team has done a lot of consulting work with IBM across many regions worldwide. They are very strong at working with customers on data management projects, whilst leveraging industry renowned technical solutions from the IBM teams."

IBM Cognos

IBM DataStage

IBM Master Data Management

SAP Sybase

SAP Databases

"btpicon's Insight for SAP Sybase is a managed service solution that significantly reduces risk and operational expenditure by simplifying deployment, maintenance and support of SAP’s industry leading database technologies and our expertise and custom IP."

SAP Sybase ASP

SAP Business Objects

SAP Crystal Reports

Deploying Strategic Data Initiatives

    • Establishing data governance processes

    • Implementing data validation and cleansing routines

    • Monitoring and resolving data inconsistencies

    • Protecting sensitive data from breaches

    • Ensuring compliance with data regulations

    • Safeguarding data from unauthorized access

    • Handling the increasing volume of data generated

    • Scaling infrastructure to accommodate data growth

    • Optimizing data storage and retrieval performance

    • Integrating data from disparate sources and systems

    • Ensuring consistent data formats and structures

    • Managing data transformation and mapping

    • Facilitate ‘What-If’ analyses to adapt to changing scenarios across the entire enterprise

    • Utilise dynamic data for informed decision-making and to maintain a unified source of truth

    • Enable real-time connected planning as a standard practice, ensuring integrated analytics across all your business units

  • Data Consolidation & Rationalization

    • Identify and eliminate redundant or outdated data storage systems, databases, and applications;

    • Consolidate data into a unified, optimized storage infrastructure to reduce maintenance and licensing costs.


    Cloud Migration & Optimization

    • Assess existing on-premises data infrastructure and consider migrating non-sensitive data to cost-effective cloud storage solutions;

    • Optimize cloud resource utilization through auto-scaling, resource right-sizing, and leveraging serverless computing where appropriate.


    Data Archiving & Backups

    • Implement a data archiving strategy to move less frequently accessed data to lower-cost storage tiers, while ensuring quick retrieval when needed;

    • Define data retention policies aligned with regulatory requirements to avoid unnecessary storage costs.


    Data Governance and Data Quality 

    • Establish robust data governance practices to improve data quality, accuracy, and completeness, reducing the need for data cleanup and corrections;

    • Implement data profiling, cleansing, and validation processes to minimize errors and streamline data operations.


    Automation & Process Optimization

    • Automate data-related processes such as data integration, transformation, and migration to reduce manual effort and associated operational costs;

    • Implement data orchestration and workflow automation tools to streamline data movement and processing.

    • Developing analytics capabilities for insights

    • Enabling self-service data exploration for users

    • Integrating data insights with connected planning

 ...and Delighting  Customers

Secure Data Delivery for DevOps

“We were referred to the client for a solution to identify and protect sensitive data across their global business operations. Working together, we swiftly became operational within two months, ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations in all the countries where they operate.”

Large Insurance Customer

Customer Experience Management 

"The btpicon team has implemented and improved the customer experience processes and value-based services by creating and maintaining our single patient view platform. Our technical and consulting teams provide a managed services to help with the day-to-day operations of their Master Data Management platform.”

Large Healthcare Customer

Analytics Roadmap & Services

"The customer embarked on a modernization journey of their analytics environments and were looking for a partner to help them educate the bank's technical and management teams, whilst being pragmatic about the modern technologies available today. btpicon's consulting team provided a structured roadmap, an implementation team and a managed service."

SME Financial Services Customer

Database CI/CD Automation

“The client was already automating code deploys, but their database changes and data correction processes were lagging behind. btpicon proposed and seamlessly integrated our automation and observability solution with their existing software development lifecycle and configuration management tools." 

Large Financial & Insurance Customer

SAP Database Modernization

“With our SAP managed services solutions, btpicon provides a distinctive advantage to teams in their daily tasks of database and analytics management. We have achieved both cost reductions and priceless learning opportunities from our skilled engineers in the customer's everyday trading, treasury, risk, and post-trade operations’ transactional databases, including the reporting and analytics platforms' operations.”

Large Financial Services Customer

SAP BTP Application Integration

“btpicon provided key SAP integration design and implementation services allowing the customer to accelerate their digital transformation journey, whilst reducing the traditional IT costs associated with these projects.  We were able to introduce a unified SAP procurement process that has increased efficiencies in the business.”

Large Oil and Gas Customer

Frequent Questions

  • That is fantastic! You can contact our team on e-mail and we will arrange a webinar session at your earliest convenience.

  • Yes, we work customers in many parts of the world for exactly this requirement - software selection, proof of concepts, pilot projects and implementation. We are confident we can help you too!

  • Our team is equipped to help you operationalise your data, enabling comprehensive scenario planning across your organisation to facilitate a holistic perspective of ‘What-If’ analyses to drive better business outcomes. Our team can help you with:

    Business Analysis:
    We work with you to understand your current business processes, pain points, and objectives. We help you define the scope and requirements of your connected planning solution and identify the best practices and use cases for your industry and function.

    Model Design and Development:
    We create and configure your connected planning business model. We ensure that your model is scalable, performant, and aligned with your business logic and calculations. We also integrate your model with your data sources and systems, such as financial ledgers, CRM, ERP, and BI tools.

    Testing and Validation:
    We test and validate your connected planning business model to ensure that it meets your expectations and specifications. We use a variety of testing methods, such as unit testing, user acceptance testing, and regression testing. We also provide feedback and recommendations for improvement and enhancement.

    Deployment and Training:
    We help you deploy your connected planning business model to your end users and stakeholders. We provide training and documentation to help them use and maintain the model effectively. We also monitor and support your model after deployment and assist you with any issues or questions.

    Ongoing Support and Maintenance:
    We provide ongoing support and maintenance for your connected planning business model. We help you troubleshoot and resolve any problems or errors that may arise. We also help you update and upgrade your model as your business needs evolve.

  • Yes, we work with a many customers and many data management platforms. Our technical teams can work with you from scoping to deploying your project into production. We also offer managed services solutions to look after your live system and environment. 

  • We provide functional and technical resources for data management projects:

    • DevSecOps

    • Cloud Analytics 

    • SAP RISE Modernization 

    • Python and Java Scripting

    • Data Integration and Pipelines

    • Data Quality Observability

    • Data Governance and Catalogs

    • Cloud and Database Migrations

    • Data Warehouses and Data Lakes

    • Integrated Business Planning 

  • We provide free value assessments to discover and document your business and functional requirements. From here, we present you with a Statement of Work, highlighting the project deliverables, timelines and pricing milestones. You can choose from a simple 2 to 4 week Jump Start engagement, a fixed price project, or time & material service delivery models. 

Latest News

93% Fewer Security Policies

When automating data access for cloud analytics platforms, customers see 93% fewer data security policies required for analytics users when implementing data security operations. Organizations can get the right data to the right people 100x faster to build more data products, collaborate, share data, and create new revenue streams.

20X Faster Regression Testing

Customers propel their release cycles into warp speed by hydrating their staging and QA environments with data that mirrors the intricate referential integrity of production databases. By getting realistic test data, with a blend of privacy protection and utility, they usher in regulatory compliance whilst accelerating developer workflows.

50% Lower Database OPEX

Over 50% lower operational cost for SAP database environments after implementing btpicon's Insight for Sybase managed service solution. btpicon's Insight for Sybase helps customers modernize, support and maintain SAP data environments, including Business Objects and Crystal Reports operational estates.

94% Less Errors

94% less CI/CD errors after automating the database change and release management process is the 1st noticeable benefit DevOps teams see. You can eliminate time-consuming back-and-forths between devs and DBAs and makes database deployments safer, easily auditable, and compliant.

560% Five Year ROI

We offer solutions for secure data delivery, enhancing agility, mitigating risk, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Customers achieve remarkable results: up to 560% ROI in 5 years, over 90% savings in non-production storage, 76% reduction in data compliance risk, and a 72% decrease in IT operational expenditure.

How We Can Help You?

We know that your teams are under significant pressure to deliver business value while managing spiraling costs.

Our goal is to help you optimize your business planning and data operations, so that you can focus more of your efforts to drive continuous innovation programs throughout your organisation.

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